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“Sometimes you feel like you want to quit but you can’t quit because you’ve got bills to pay,” he said.
In a statement, McDonald’s said: “McDonald’s respects our employees’ right to voice their opinions and to protest lawfully and peacefully.”

Deputy convener and SNP MSP Jamie Hepburn, said: “All our committee members visited food banks across Scotland.
“We were impressed by the professional and respectful way that the volunteers dealt with people who came to them, often in their hour of greatest need.”
He added: “The UK government needs to ensure it does not start to weld them into the welfare system.

“It needs to own up to the role it is playing in causing the increase in demand and stop pretending this is simply all about people looking for something for nothing.”
Welfare reforms Scottish Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone dissented from some parts of the report, the committee said.
The UK government has claimed there was no evidence of a link between its welfare reforms and the use of food banks.

In May, employment minister Esther McVey wrote to the Scottish government, saying food bank use was increasing across a number of different countries.
She wrote: “The rise in food banks predates most of the welfare reforms this government has put in place.”
Ms McVey has turned down a request for a public meeting with the welfare committee, but said she would meet them informally.

Williams was ordered to serve at a minimum of 29 years At his trial, the court was told that the 29-year-old killed both mother and son in their home “within minutes” of each other on 31 May by ligature strangulation.
If you are you looking for more regarding visit our own web page. He then drove off in Ms Walsh’s car and was seen that evening in McDonalds with a friend where he “appeared to be in good spirits”.
Williams had been released from prison on licence on 14 February this year after serving a five-year jail term for attacking his sister’s ex-partner with a hammer.

After the attack on Ms Walsh, he sent a text message to his police offender manager, admitting that he had killed his ex-partner and where her body could be found, but said nothing of Harrison.
Williams also posted comments on Facebook almost immediately after the murders.
In a post to his own account on the evening of 31 May, he wrote: “Sometimes we just have to do things we shouldn’t.”
He also posted “I am sorry it had to come to this” on Ms Walsh’s page.

Anjalika Baier says she stopped cycling when she moved to the UK 20 years ago because she considered it too dangerous. “I am absolutely shocked that nobody suggested a network of cycle paths with its own traffic lights etc. It is time that some of the UK population drop their ‘island’ mentality and look at how other places deal with cyclists – such as Germany and the Netherlands.”
On Thursday, William Kremer wrote about yoga, and whether it still has specific religious and spiritual associations. “For many people, the main concern in a yoga class is whether they are breathing correctly or their legs are aligned. But for others, there are lingering doubts about whether they should be there at all, or whether they are betraying their religion,” he wrote.

Wesley Williams, 29, killed Yvonne Walsh, 25, and seven-month-old Harrison Walsh at their home in Chells Grove, Billesley, West Midlands, some time between 31 May and 2 June.
Both died as a result of pressure to the neck in an attack which police said was “shocking and senseless”.
Williams, who admitted the murders, was ordered to serve at a minimum of 29 years at Birmingham Crown Court.

Problems between the pair began when Ms Walsh rejected Williams’ proposal of marriage, Miss Hammond said.
She added that “our thoughts are with the family and friends of Yvonne and Harrison”.
Ms Walsh’s brother Chris said the family were “struggling to come to terms with all of this”.
“We usually all spend time together over Christmas but now we can’t.
“Words cannot describe how we feel”.

Jailing Williams at Birmingham Crown Court, Mr Justice MacDuff said he was “clearly evil and dangerous beyond measure”.
‘Dreadful and brutal’ The head of the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service’s Public Protection Unit, Sarah Hammond, said Williams was an “extremely dangerous and violent man”.
Speaking after sentencing, she said the unemployed 29-year-old had committed a “dreadful and brutal crime against two vulnerable victims”.
She said Williams had begun a relationship with Ms Walsh “months” before her death and moved into her family home.

We posed the question, “Does doing yoga make you a Hindu?”. It prompted these responses:
“Hahaha! As much as eating McDonalds makes you American,” Rosie Jones wrote on Facebook. “Does eating a knish make you Jewish?” asked Hatuey Rodriguez, while the Young Entrepreneurs of Today and Tomorrow tweeted: “Does smoking weed make you a Rastafarian?”
For CharlieFPG, the answer was simple – “No, it actually makes you awesome”.
I’ll be biding my time At the beginning of the week, BBC journalist Ray Furlong gave readers 10 insights garnered from Mass Observation, the social research organisation dedicated to recording the minutiae of British life. Guess which particular quirk readers engaged most with?Phil Furneaux from Brampton, Cumbria, thought the solutions were too “car driver orientated”. He emailed: “You missed the big one and the one most important especially in the wake of the London carnage. Enforcing lorries and buses to install sensors and cams for the sides of the vehicles so drivers can check for cyclists and pedestrians when turning.”
A number plate for bikes? Les Pearson, from Gateshead Tyne and Wear, thought cyclists should hold a licence – like other road users. He thought they should have an “MOT-style test for their cycle and MUST have insurance like other road users. This is law for motor cycles so why not for pedal cycles?”

End Quote Shantel Walker Papa John’s worker Ongoing fight Currently, the federally-mandated minimum wage in the US is $7.25 per hour, although 38 states have set higher floors.
US President Obama has pushed for a raise of the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, but that move has been blocked by Congressional Republicans.
Meanwhile, in places like Seattle and Washington, labour organisers have tried to a different tactic, putting “liveable wage” legislation to a vote.

The Food Patriotism group marked the start of the school year in Moscow’s Gorky Park, with placards and T-shirts proclaiming slogans such as: “For Russia, say ‘no’ to Cola,” and “Defend our children from overseas poison.” Twenty people set off metre-high fountains of Coke by mixing it with mints to cause a chemical reaction. “Imagine that happening in your kid’s stomach,” one activist tells Dni online newspaper.

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Benefit sanctions The committee said it was particularly concerned about benefit sanctions and called on the UK government to “recognise that people are struggling to meet their basic need for food due to its direct action”.
Continue reading the main story “Start Quote There’s no doubt that the increase can be connected directly to benefit sanctions”

Both were fined £600 at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.
Walters enjoyed success with So Solid Crew in the early 2000s Walters was a member of So Solid Crew, who reached number one with 21 Seconds in 2001.

The US restaurant chain said its better-than-expected profits for the July-to-September period of this year were due to cost reductions and more franchising.
Burger King’s net profit rose to $68.2m (£42.2m), as against $6.6m in the same period a year earlier.
However, sales at its North American branches fell 0.3%.

More than one third of Americans are obese, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
Health activists and consumer groups are pressing the food industry to tackle the problem.
Last year, New York City approved the first US ban on large-size sugary soft drinks being sold in restaurants and other outlets. However, the ban was struck down by the courts a day before it was due to take effect in March.
Burger King has revamped its menu and made a major marketing push since being taken over by Brazilian investment firm 3G in 2010.

End Quote Michael McMahon Committee convener Labour MSP Michael McMahon, the convener of the committee, told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme: “This impression that somehow it’s a lifestyle choice that people are choosing ‘should I go to McDonalds or go to a food bank?’ is just a ridiculous argument for anyone to make.

Police attempted to arrest three suspects outside a building on the Leningrad Road, one of the city’s most important transport arteries.
All three were arrested but two officers were mortally wounded.
Separately, two police officers were shot and wounded while investigating a robbery in the city centre.

Last month, a UK minister said there was “no robust evidence linking food bank usage to welfare reform”.
The Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee took evidence from food bank providers including the Trussell Trust and aid charities including Oxfam Scotland and the British Red Cross.
The committee also heard evidence from Heriot Watt University, who had been commissioned to conduct research on food bank use for the Scottish government.

“It’s disgusting – sometimes I don’t even bring home $10,000 a year and [some people] make $10,000 an hour,” she told the BBC.
Omer Freckleton, a McDonald’s employee, says he often has to forego paying bills when his hours are cut Omar Freckleton, a McDonald’s employee, said he currently makes $8 per hour – not enough, he said, to support his daughter. However, when he asked for more work, his hours were instead cut.

“There’s no doubt that the increase can be connected directly to benefit sanctions and other issues.
“And it’s not just those who are without income completely who are dependent on food banks, it’s also low paid workers.”
MSPs also argued food bank provision should not be allowed to become a substitute for welfare state provision.Escape To Victory – WW2 escape attempt by Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone and various Ipswich Town players, takes place against backdrop of a football match played by English POWs against their German captors. John Huston directed in 1981

Pint drinking – specifically that it took an average of 7.3 minutes to drink half a pint of beer in a pub on a Saturday night in Brighton in 1938.
The study of pubs in Bolton, Blackpool and Brighton in 1938 found that people drank their pints slowest on a Tuesday evening and fastest on a Friday evening.
Edwin Anthony emailed: “I have to wonder after the accuracy of time taken to drink half a pint… 7.3 minutes. That may differ from the first to the second pint. I’d say that that rate of consumption would be highest with the first pint as people are enthusiastic with the first drink, and toward the end when people are high, but not between. Just a thought.”

Last week, Burger King’s biggest rival, McDonald’s, warned of flat profits and a “challenging” market ahead.
Burger King shares have risen 16% over the past 12 months, and were up 2.7% in pre-market trading following the results.

He later had a solo career under the name Asher D, and has appeared in several television programmes.
The court heard Walters had confronted the off-duty security guard after he had been involved in an incident at McDonalds on Union Street earlier in the night.
Walters and Singh had been handcuffed at the restaurant by Barry Anderson.
Police were called and after officers viewed CCTV footage of the incident the pair were released and allowed to go.

Called Satisfries, the chips, or French fries, contain 40% less fat than those sold by McDonalds, Burger King says.
The chips go on sale in the US on Tuesday and will be more expensive than regular fries.
Last week, at a White House meeting, Michelle Obama urged executives from the food and TV industries to encourage kids to eat more healthy food.
In a speech to company executives and advocacy groups, the First Lady said: “We need you to lead the way in creating demand for healthy foods, so that kids actually start pestering us for those foods in the grocery store.”

‘Seeking revenge’ Mr Anderson noticed when he left the restaurant that the two men were following him.
He called the city’s CCTV control room and asked for the pair to be monitored by the cameras.
Mr Anderson was confronted after turning from Union Street onto Bridge Street where he was grabbed by Walters and pulled to the ground.
Singh then began kicking him on his body.
Both fled the scene and police were called.
Sheriff Graeme Napier fined the pair £600 each and told them the incident “smacks of seeking vengeance against someone who made a complaint against you and therefore has to be taken seriously”.

Two states- Hawaii and Minnesota – have also raised their minimum wage.
However, opponents of a minimum wage rise often cite a study by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimating the law would result in the loss of about 500,000 jobs.
But the same study also anticipated that as many as 16 million poor workers would see a substantial pay rise.
‘It’s disgusting’
Outside a Domino’s pizza chain in the middle of Manhattan, around 150 protests were gathered at midday.

He said: “Leon was captured on CCTV leaving friends just after 1am at McDonalds on Huddersfield Road, making his way home.
“He is later seen just before 1.20am on CCTV on Ripponden Road just 300 meters from his home address.”
He said officers were waiting for further toxicology tests.

Earlier, the group appeared outside the US Embassy in Moscow, calling on the public to Free printable McDonalds coupons here boycott other US goods such as Pepsi drinks and McDonalds fast food. Food Patriotism insists it’s not linked to the Kremlin, although their name mcdonalds coupons comes from a call by Gennady Onishchenko, the country’s controversial former chief medical officer, to ban foreign food imports.

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In the past year, it refranchised more than 500 restaurants.
Burger King saw sales rise 2.4% in Europe, Africa and the Middle East for the three months to 30 September, with a successful online coupon-driven marketing push in Germany and Spain.
In the Asia Pacific region, Burger King sales rose 3.7%.
Burger King was taken over by Brazilian investment firm 3G in 2010.

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